C Program to Read from Standard Input and Write Directly to File


In this post, there is a c program to read data from standard input and write that data directly to the file. In other words, we will read data from the console using getchar() function. For writing data to the file, I will use the fputc() function.

The getchar() function reads only a single character at one time from the console. The fputc() writes a single character to the respective file. See the following expected output.

Expected Output

Enter Data
Hello, this is vijay londhe. Whatever I am writing on the console, it will be written to the file.
Data is successfully written into the file

As you can see the above expected output. Here, we are asking user to enter the data. After pressing the enter key, the data will be written into the file. This is a very small program. Now, see the following program.

C Program to Read from Standard Input and Write Directly to File

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()
    FILE *fp;
    char ch;
        printf("Error while opening a file");
        return 0;
    printf("Enter Data\n");

    printf("Data is successfully written into the file");
    return 0;

I hope you have understood this program. If you have any doubt or any feedback, then please feel free the contact me.

Thank you.

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